The concepts and the details of the game


If for some inexplicable reason you have not played roulette in an online casino, but you want to learn the rules and features of this gambling blood amusing entertainment, you have come to the right place. We will examine the basic concepts, technical details of this exciting online game, tell you about the established myths and tricks, as well as give advice to the novice player. In order to enjoy the games you must always check fun88 ดี ไหม.


Roulette Rules

At its core, roulette is a simple game. It is a symbol of a casino and its stylized image can often be seen as the logo of gambling establishments, including online. Today, there are several dozen types of roulette games that have their own rules. But not all have found their popularity among fans of gambling. The most popular are two varieties are as follows.

  • American
  • European

The cells are numbered. From 1 to 36 are painted in red and black colors, they alternate each other. Zero and double zero are green. European roulette is divided into 3 conditional sectors for fast bets. The player’s task is to correctly guess the cell into which the ball will fall. When guessing the cell number, the croupier announces this and gives out the prize. You can guess the number and color of the cell. When the ball hits the zero or double zero sectors, the money goes to the casino, except for betting on these cells. The amount of winnings depends on the probability of guessing the lower the probability, the greater the winnings. If you bet on a specific number, the payout will be 35 times the bet. When guessing the color of the sector, the size will be 1: 1 to the rate.

Roulette Betting and Payments

In total there are two types of bets: internal and external. Domestic bring high payouts, but have a low chance of falling out. External have a high chance of falling out, but a low payout percentage.

Internal rates

The most popular is a bet on a specific number. Many players have their own “secret” numbers. Let it be 17. If you put 100 € on it, if any number other than 17 comes up, you will lose all your money. However, if it was the 17th number that fell out   you will receive a € 3500 win, that is, a 35 fold. This rate is called single or direct. You can bet not on one, but on two numbers, placed side by side for example, 12 and 13, 12 and 10 and 12 and 16. It can be seen that only the first two numbers on the playing field are adjacent, the other combinations are more than one sector. You can place chips on the border between two numbers. This combination is called split, the payout ratio.

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