Stepping Into The best Deals with Online Casino


At any good online casino you can try out the slots for free. Make use of this so that you become familiar with the game rules, the number of paylines, the betting levels and the bonus features. Only when you understand how everything works can you play for real money.

Choose the number of paylines that match

For novice high roller online casinoplayers, too many paylines can seem very overwhelming. Hundreds of paylines that makes no one happy when you play online slots for the first time. Therefore choose a slot with a limited number of paylines, for example 9, 10 or 15. If you have more experience, you can always “upgrade” to a slot with more paylines.

Only play slots with a high payout percentage

We have already indicated that online slots pay more than land based slots. But there can also be big differences between the different online slots in payout percentages. And why would you be the thief of your own casino balance?

Therefore, play as many slots as possible that pay out 97% or more. With our unique slots finder you can easily find slots with a payout percentage of over 97%.

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  • You can better avoid progressive slots like the Mega Fortune Dreams

Avoid progressive jackpot slots

Progressivebuzz casino jackpot slots sound so attractive: you can win millions with just a small bet. However, there are two things that players often forget, blinded as they are by all those millions:

  • The chance of winning a millionjackpot is smaller than being hit by lightning.
  • A substantial part of the payout percentage is transferred to the jackpot. That is why it is a lot harder to win money on these types of slots.
  • Therefore, play progressive jackpot slots only with “extra” money. Do not play this kind of slots with the expectation that you can win money.

Choose a variance that suits you

The variance of a lock says something about the risk profile of a lock. A slot with a low variance pays a lot of small prizes, but it will be difficult to win big on such a slot. The risk profile is therefore low.

A slot with a high variance is again very erratic. Sometimes you get a lot of turns at once, nothing at all, and suddenly a very big one. The risk profile of a high variance slot is high. Now with the online casino news the options get better now.

A slot with a medium variance is in between. You usually win nice prizes, and sometimes a very nice one.

Low variance slots are usually very entertaining, with many (mini) bonus features. Yet you are only, very slowly, getting rid of your balance. If you want to have a chance to win real money, you better play medium or high variance slots.

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  • The bonus hit frequency of Book of Dead is low.

What is the Hit Frequency?

The Hit Frequency is a measure of how often a prize falls. The higher the Hit Frequency, the more often prices fall. The Hit Frequency also applies to bonus features. There are slots where the bonus features once in the 35 spins, such as Starburst. But there are also slots where the bonus game almost never falls, such as with Book of Dead. Here, the Hit Frequency of the bonus game might be 1 in the 400 spins.

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